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Princess Warrior ​​W​ellness &​ Healing Inc. 


About the Team

Welcome! We are a team that will help you find your inner Warrior! Your fight to deal with difficult times, your Warrior  which may be underneath layers of armour and defences! We are a team of people and animals, to help on your journey.  See Testimonials on the Teams tab! Please contact us if you are looking for something, we customize programs based on needs. 

Our History

We’ve loved every minute of our journey

Keeseekoose First Nation - Mental Health Therapist

We were at Keeseekoose First Nation, firstly in 2017/2018; then again in 2020 to 2022; We have great relationships in this beautiful community where there are great people.  Our mental health therapist was deployed there to assist in the Health Clinic, and the school.  Work that was rewarding and many great relationships remain in the Kamsack area. 

Workshops based on needs assessments and healing circles have been developed based on our experiences listening. 

2020 Health Director, Big Island Lake Cree Nation

Tansi!! It was my privilege to work in a more Northern Community; and a Cree community to serve as Health Director and Prevention Director for the 2020 year.  Covid hitting our soil, was a challenge as a Health Director and maneuvering safety amount the community where there are challenges for isolating and housing. 

Covid also affected my travels home to my community and loved ones, so after isolating in the Cold Lake, Pierceland area, I felt it was back to Mental Health Work which I love and is dear to my heart and passion. 

We have developed many workshops based on our experiences in this community.

Gratitude changes everything!!!